Welcome to Papillon de Nuit! I’m Karen, an illustrator and graphic designer living in Madison, WI. This website is home to my art and design work, as well as a peek into my working process and development as an artist.

If you are a reader of my old Papillon de Nuit blog, or if you are interested in a more personal view of my life, I have decided to move less art-related ramblings to The Wandering Willow, where I will continue to post about my fashion, daily adventures, and random thoughts. So please feel free to follow me there!

From the Sketchbook


[Digital: Clip Studio Paint]

Woodland Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest…

[Copic pens and markers on marker paper]

From the Sketchbook


[Digital: Clip Studio Paint]


I found out about the LINE Webtoon Challenge League contest, and decided to try to make something to submit, even though the deadline was super close. You can read the first five episodes of “Manatee~isms” here! If you like cute manatees doing funny things, you might like it?


Sakura Blossoms


Just painting some sakura~


Happy New Year 2015!

Another year has zoomed by and it’s already four days into the new one! One of the things I was dissatisfied with last year was my lack of productivity. One part of it is allowing myself to define productivity as something other than academic achievement, but the other is actually pushing myself to produce more things of whatever type. And since the new year started conveniently just about the time I was having all these ponderings, I’ve decided that it can be more sort of New Year’s Resolution!

I’m aiming to set a productivity challenge for myself this year. Project 365 failed horribly because honestly, I’m just not a photo type of person, and I don’t enjoy it enough for that sort of thing to not just become a chore. However, I thought, maybe it would work better if my goal was to just do *something* every day, whether it’s taking a photograph for memories, or drawing a picture, or creating a musical snippet. So that’s what my goal is this year – to try to do something every day. I might not make it every day, but I think it will at least push me to be more productive *and* to accept the idea that productivity has a vast definition.

So without further ado, here’s to 2015!

In related news, I’ve been drawing a lot of animanga requests and posting them on some secondary accounts: http://10103.tumblr.com/ and http://10103.deviantart.com/

[Digital: Clip Studio Paint]


From the Sketchbook


From the Sketchbook


Sketching mascot illustrations for a new J-pop/rock music project I’m starting with a friend.


Blobtoon #19 ~ Bon Odori!

I went to the local Mitsuwa’s Bon Festival for the first time in a couple of years, with a few of my friends who I met through Lolita, and had such a blast! We entered the yukata and cosplay photo contest, ate shaved ice and takoyaki, and best of all, we all actually joined in the dance!! (^o^)/

[Copic Sketch + Multiliner on mixed media paper]